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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

How to Layer Outfits

Faux Fur Vest for Fall

Faux Fur Vest for Fall

Faux Fur Vest for Fall

Faux Fur Vest for Fall

Faux Fur Vest for Fall

Faux Fur vest old | Foschini chambray | Mr Price sweater | Woolworths jeggings on sale!!! | LEGiT boots | Blackcherry bag | Topshop sunglasses | Forever New bracelet | Michael Kors watch | Sass Diva (now Zuri) necklace | Bobbi Brown lipstick | Essie nail polish

Hi everyone!  I hope you had a wonderful Spring Day yesterday.  It's almost time for me to pack away my winter clothes and I'm so excited to pull out more summery ones.  This weekend was still quite chilly though so I layered up which I love to do any way.  For those of you in the northern hemisphere, I hope you like this look for Autumn :)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Spring Make Up Favourites

Spring make up favourites by MAC
Spring Make up Favourites by MAC

Pretty Please lipstick by MAC

To fuel all our make up obsessions, today I thought I'd share my favourite MAC Cosmetics favourites for spring as today is officially the first day of Spring!  Yippeee!!!  I hope you find something you'd like to try from my Spring Favourites list and I'd love to know what yours are too so that I can try them out.  Let's begin:

Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle:  This adds the perfect amount of shimmer and glow to every single spring look. This would be my number one recommendation for spring just for that reason.  It brings out your cheeks and your eyes and gives you such a feminine look.  I've been using this product for years and this spring will be no different.

Blush in Dame:  This is such a pretty pink.  I'm very sad to have hit pan on this gorgeous colour.  Melba and Peaches are also great colours for spring so you'll find me wearing those too.

Eye shadows in:

  • Orb: Everyone needs a good nude colour, especially in spring and summer.  This one is great for a fresh look and it's beautiful blended with a bronzer in the crease to bring out your eye colour while not looking like you're wearing too many products.
  • Honey Lust: To add sparkle to my eyes I love this coppery, bronze sparkle.  Orb, a little bronzer blended together and some Honey Lust on your lid will give you the most beautiful eye colour that will have you looking absolutely radiant and glowing from within.
  • Mystery: I use this colour to fill in my brows on a daily basis.  Of all the brow products I've tried, this shadow is actually my favourite so I'd recommend it for brows for sure!  I'll definitely continue to use this through the spring.
Lipsticks in:
  • Snob: This is another favourite that I've been using for years.  This pink is gorgeous for any girl wanting to look spring-ready.
  • Pretty Please: Such a pretty shimmery pale pink.  If you're looking for something light to look gorgeous by the pool or at a music festival without looking overly done, a little bit of this lipstick tapped on your lips is exactly what you're looking for.  I also love it over a bolder colour to add some shimmer.
  • Saint Germain: This colour brings out my inner girly girl.  It is just so much fun!!!  Perhaps it's similar to a colour Barbie wore back in the day or something but I am just madly in love with it.  It is probably the best choice for a spring look because it is so feminine and beautiful but also fresh and young.  It has such a wonderful creamy texture that it's going to keep your lips feeling soft and smooth all day long.  Perfection!
Lipgloss in Underage: This is my favourite lipgloss for spring because it's great on its own or on top of any of the lipsticks I've already mentioned.  It's the most gorgeous light pink lipgloss I could recommend for spring and it lasts for hours which is always a bonus for me.

With these products in your make up drawer, I can guarantee that you will be looking radiant and glowing from within this spring.  I hope you found this list helpful!  If you're planning a trip to a MAC counter, perhaps save these names on your phone or print out a copy of this post so that you don't feel too overwhelmed when you get there.  That way you can also let me know which ones you like and let me know any that I may have missed.

To have a look at some of my other MAC favourites you can click here, here, here, here and here

Thanks so much for reading! x

Friday, 29 August 2014

August Round Up

Fall Outfit Inspiration
Fall Outfit Inspiration
Fall Outfit Inspiration
Fall Outfit Inspiration
Fall Outfit Inspiration

Mr Price jacket & dress

Here's a round up of my latest outfit posts.  I'm so ready for Spring 2014.  Ready to bring out more skirts and a lot more colour. For those of you in the northern hemisphere are quite excited for "Fall" fashion so I hope these outfits give you a little inspiration.  It looks like its going to be cold all weekend unfortunately so our first official week of Spring will involve sweaters and boots too.  I'm being treated to a cupcake course and a picnic by my friends this weekend so I'm really excited for these little outings.  Stay updated on Twitter and Instagram (@ArumLilea) for details.  

Let me know which is your favourite look!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Insta - Life

1. After spending the day in bed watching Marie Antoinette, I dug out my photos from my last trip to Paris in search of this picture of the gardens at Versailles.  They're incredible.  2.  Le BF and I went to watch the sunset at the golf course.  The caught a beautiful one.  3 and 4.  If I could pack my bags right now I would head to the beach.  A beach holiday is just what I need.  These pictures were taken in Patong beach and Phi Phi in Thailand.
1.  This was Monday's make up of the day.  I'm really loving Revlon's lip butters and this Bold Lacquer mascara.  The length it adds to my lashes is just crazy - and my eyelashes are long to begin with!  2.  New gym clothes from Cotton On.  3.  My favourite breakfast is a berry and banana smoothie.  4.  I bought these Witchery heels on sale for nearly half the original price.  Score!  
1.  My usual morning routine involves a lot of tea!  2.  This Dolce & Gabbana Intense perfume is my absolute favourite at the moment.  It's just my kind of fragrance.  3.  Lindt chocolates from a very special friend.  4.  I've mentioned these Maybelline Baby Lips before (in this post).  This one is my favourite!

1 and 4.  Chicken prego rolls from the Beer Yard at 44 Stanley for my friend's birthday.  It was such a wonderful afternoon with my closest friends.  We finished it off with coffee (not beer!).  2.  Arina, Irina and I at the last Skip Fashion Exchange event at Katy's Palace Bar.  3.  This was the table setting of the last Fashion Exchange.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Dermalogica Face Mapping Skin Analysis

Dermalogica is a skin care brand that I keep finding myself coming back to because its quality is unparalleled. If you follow me on Twitter (@ArumLilea) you will know that I recently visited the brand new Dermalogica concept store in Rosebank Mall. While I was there I had my Face Mapping skin analysis done and I learnt so much about my skin. I know skin care can be very daunting; from entering a store to figuring out what products your skin needs, gosh even sometimes the sales ladies are so intimidating I want to avoid the whole process entirely but this is definitely a different kind of experience. Today I'm giving you the 101 on Face Mapping so that you know exactly what to expect from the moment you walk into the store.

To begin, your Face Mapping skin analysis is absolutely free of charge.  What?  Yes, you read correctly, this skin consultation is absolutely free of charge.  There is no need for you to book a time slot but rather you are free to walk in store for your Face Mapping analysis at any point of the day.

Now that I have your attention, your next question is probably, "what exactly is 'Face Mapping'?"  Face Mapping, as I've just mentioned is a skin consultation.  A skin therapist will sit with you and have a good look at your skin.  She is trained to pick up the problem areas or areas that need special attention on your skin.  These pictures show what my therapist deciphered about my own skin.  My problems were mainly comedones, dehydration, sensitivity and redness and these are marked on the face map exactly where those problems occur on my face.  Once your therapist has mapped your face she will begin explaining which Dermalogica products are suitable for your skin.  The reason I think that Face Mapping is so impressive is because it allows your skin routine to become uniquely tailored to the needs of your skin rather than using a generic routine that has been formulated for the masses.

Your therapist will also explain all the products that she prescribes as well as how to apply them and in what order.  Often I will get the order of products confused so I really appreciate the care the therapists take to explain everything in detail.  If something requires mixing with water, your therapist will show you exactly how much product vs how much water is needed.  As for exfoliation and masques, your therapist will tell you how often to use these products which will also vary from person to person based on your skin's needs.

You are under no obligation to buy the products that are recommended after you skin analysis but I can assure you that after how much care has been taken to explain the areas of your skin that need attention and exactly how to take care of them, you will realise that Dermalogica is a skin care brand that you can trust.  The products recommended to me have made such an improvement to my skin and were obviously exactly what my skin was looking for.  My skin is looking so much healthier than the day I walked into the store already.

You can read more about my love for Dermalogica by clicking here, here and here.  

*Face Mapping is also done at all salons and spas that use Dermalogica.