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Monday, 23 June 2014

5 Minute Make Up

We all have those days where we choose sleeping in over perfect make up.  While it might be wonderful to have had that extra beauty sleep, especially now in winter, I still want to look want smart enough for work.  After wolfing down breakfast, getting dressed and fixing my hair, this generally leaves me with just a few minutes for make up.  This is no cause for alarm because with a few key make up items, I can pull this off. 

To start with I'll apply my foundation and blend it with my fingers rather than a sponge or foundation brush to save time.  I'll dab on a little Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream to moisturise my lips.  Next I use this amazing Elizabeth Arden eye shadow duo and apply the light gold shade in the inner corner of my eyelid and the brown shade on the outer corner.  These are such beautiful neutral shades and couldn't be more perfect for moments when time is of the essence. I'll line my top lid with liquid liner then apply my favourite mascara, the Maybelline Great Lash mascara to open up my sleepy eyes.  I use Elizabeth Arden's Beautiful Color Radiance Blush on my cheeks to add some colour.  Finally I use MAC Snob for a lovely soft pink lip.

Voilà!  No need to panic.  With these few products I know I'll be out the door in no time and look perfectly acceptable to face a busy day.


  1. That's a great post and lovely pictures. I also like to apply as little make-up as possible and still look nice. Wish to check out my blog.


    1. Thank you so much Leja. Applying only a little make up is also so good for giving your skin a break from every day make up so I try to do it as often as I can, even when I don't oversleep!

  2. You look gorgeous! I love that lipstick shade on you :) Thanks for sharing this...sometimes I feel like I should spend LESS time doing my makeup. Especially when I'm limited on how much time I have to get ready.

    xo Azu


    1. I know what you mean. It's really not essential but it's so much fun sometimes I can't help myself!

  3. Very nice tips - especially for the winter months! Sleeping in sounds so much better than perfect make-up! :)


    1. I couldn't agree more. Beauty sleep over beautiful make up often wins the toss!

  4. Nice post ;)


  5. Replies
    1. It's so quick and easy, it won't take even a moment!


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