iPhone lately & a Giveaway

Hi lovelies!

Here are a few pictures from my iPhone that you may or may not have seen on my social media.  In these pictures you'll find a few reasons why I love winter almost as much as summer.  Stay tuned for a winter giveaway at the end!

1.  I love pulling out my cosy scarves and sweaters to bundle up and keep warm.
2.  When the cold starts to get to you a beautiful bunch of flowers can brighten up your day in no time.
3.  Winter outfit post like this one are always fun to plan.
4.  Wine coloured lipsticks are perfect for winter looks.  I'm loving deep reds and violets at the moment!
5.  A very special friend bought me a wonderful gift set with the most amazing hand cream in it.  I usually apply hand cream all the time but in winter it is especially important and having a wonderful hand cream is just another this I love during winter.  (Perhaps I should do a post on this cream?)
6.  Winter means lots of tea and making sure you stay healthy by eating lots of fruits and vegetables.  This is my favourite breakfast during winter!
7.  On the weekends there is nothing better than staying in bed, all cuddled up and reading a good book...
8.  ...preferably with a cute cat.
9.  When it's too cold to go outside, there are always plenty of youtube make up tutorials to try just like the one I tried here.

Another thing that I love about winter is Gluhwein.  This drink reminds me of being in Germany in the winter and it's such a special memory for me.  I still have a gluhwein mug from the Christmas markets in Germany that is currently serving as my make up brush holder just so that I can see it every day.  There's something so special about the mulled wine and the aroma that hangs in the air when it's being heated.  I love the smell of the combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and citrus.

Today I hope I can make your winter a little warmer by giving away a Original Gluhwein hamper.  To enter all you need to do is comment down below and tell me how you follow my blog.  A winner will be drawn 11 July 2014.  Good luck!


  1. Wine coloured lipsticks - makes it far easier to had red wine stained lips the morning after cozying by the fireplace and enjoying a glass or two of red :)

    I love staying in bed with a good book, a cup of tea and my cat, India, too <3
    Stunning post Leanne.

    Gluhwein is my absolute heaven - have you ever made it?? It's actually so super easy!

    I follow you via Google Friends Connect, Bloglovin, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. I've also followed by email :)
    Your also advertised on my blog as one of my top blogs to read xxxx

  2. I follow your blog via email and am also a twitter follower @JaxxLisa.
    That Gluhwein looks yummy :)

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  4. Nice little winter giveaway.
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  7. Thank you for this lovely giveaway!
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    Good luck everybodyl

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  10. I miss you! When are we doing coffee???

  11. Your iPhone pictures are amazing! Mine never turn out that great!

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    xo, Michaela
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  12. OOH LA LA….Such an AMAZING GIVEAWAY! I am following you via email, twitter, Facebook and Instagram and I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs)! Keeping my fingers and toes crossed! xxx

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